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CSS styles:

[your-frontend-project] = admin or shop

We use tailwindcss framework with some customization which you find at :

open [your-frontend-project]/tailwind.config.js

For tailwindcss documentation:

Go to Tailwindcss


for our icons

open [your-frontend-project]/src/components/icons

For Adding a custom Icon:

To add a custom icon please follow this procedure.

  1. Open your custom SVG icon file in the code editor and copy all the code.
  2. Then Go to src -> components -> icons folder and create a new .tsx file.
  3. Then here create a function component and paste your copied SVG code inside the return statement.
  4. Then covert all the SVG's kebab-cases properties into camelCase format except the data-name property. For ex. change the stroke-width and fill-color into strokeWidth and fillColor. (for reffernce you can see one of our icon. )
  5. If your custom SVG code has any single custom color then change them into fillColor.