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For customizing the template's default site settings:

[your-frontend-project] = admin or shop

  • To setup you site's basic information like [Logo,Site title,Description, Menus,etc] go to -> src/settings/site-settings.ts file
  • To customize tailwind configuration go to -> tailwind.config.js file.
  • /public: To change your app favicon images here.
  • /src/assets: We managed our css & images in this directory.
  • /src/components: This folder contains all the app related components.
    • auth: In this folder we contains our auth components and logics.
    • cart: Here you will find all of our cart & checkout components, utilities function, context api and etc.
    • drawer-views: We managed all of our side Drawer's view, context api & drawer UI in this folder.
    • modal-views: We managed all of our modal's view, context api & modal UI in this folder.
    • icons: Our app's custom svg icons components directory, if you need any then add your custom svg icon components here.
    • product: All the product related card, popup, loaders, description etc components in this folder.
    • search: Search handler, Search Popup & Results related components are here.
    • shop: Shop related components are goes in this folder.
    • ui: This folder contains common reusable ui components.
  • /src/config: This folder contains all necessary configuration related for this app. Like env, routes etc.
  • /src/data: It's contain all the data fetching related codes along side with our app's static data.
    • /src/data/static: Here you can find our terms, privacy, help, licensing data and in the site-settings.ts file we manage our dark & light mode logo along side with our explore page carousel images.
  • /src/layout: It's contain all layouts and layout's related components like header, bottom navigation, sidebar, container and etc.
  • /src/lib : This folder contains constants, hooks, framer motion & general utils functions.
  • /src/pages: All the pages created here which is used by nextjs routing mechanism.
  • /src/types: Reusable function & component's types are located in this folder.

NOTE ** Some of these options are customizable through ADMIN Dashboard.