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Terms and conditions

A terms and conditions page is a web page that outlines the rules and restrictions for the use of a website. It acts as a contract between the website owner and its users. The primary purpose of a terms and conditions page is to establish legal guidelines for the website and protect the interests of both parties involved.

You find terms and conditions here in this route at shop /terms.

Admin End

Admin end empty Terms and Condition lists.


Create or edit terms and condition form.


Shop end terms and condition lists.


Vendor Shop End

Vendor has abilities to add terms & condition shop specific. But it requires admin approval. If terms and conditions are not approved it's not appear on the shop page.

- You can find vendor shop terms and conditions settings here `/settings/shop`.
- Vendor shop end vendor terms and conditions list. You find vendor end terms and conditions here `/shops/shopName/terms`.
- If admin active terms and condition for vendor it's available for shop and vendor.