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Export Import

Export Import works under a shop. So, You have to go to the shop page -> products menu for product or shop page -> attributes menu to import or export attributes.


Export Import work different way for simple and variable product

Simple Product

For simple products, you've to export only products data. To do that, go to Your Shop -> products. Then click on three dots and export the simple products.


Similarly, for import csv, go to the same option and import exported csv


variable products

For variable products, you will need three different csv.

  • Attributes csv
  • products csv
  • variation options csv

Make sure to re-import you export these three csv. ExportAttrs.png ExportVariations.png ExportAttrs.png ExportProduct.png

Now, during import variations product, At First, you have to import Attributes then Products and Then products variation. ImportAttrs.png ImportProduct.png ImportVariations.png

NB: Here, type_id is the group id like Grocery or clothing id. You can get type info from api_url/types url;